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Our Story

3DP Media Group inception was created through 30 Days of Positivity. Nika & Alban Corbett are the founders of 30 Days of Positivity and 3DP Media Group. In 2012 Nika and Alban Corbett wrote a journal to inspire entrepreneurs, network marketers and business women and men alike to look for the positive everyday.

After successfully selling several books and coaching business associates. Nika Corbett launched 3DP Media Group to compliment her business coaching skills in digital marketing. Nika Corbett has successfully started several business and continues to encourage and inspire young women in business around the country. Nika Corbett is often know as a brand ambassador and is often relied upon among her peers to provide honest truth about business approaches.

3DP Media Group provides services for small businesses and non-profits agencies by expanding their reach through online media services. Our clients will receive eye-catching social media content along with Ad Buying support services.

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