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Social Media Non-Profit Strategy & Success

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Social Media is being used as a vehicle to drive Non-Profit goals along with leading successful fundraiser campaigns. Social Media is gaining much attention to provide a greater output for non-profits with small budgets. Most non-profits outsource this work to focus on accomplishing in house goals, but when able to combine the two it is always a strategy for success.


Before you can execute a successful social media strategy, you must clearly identify a plan. Hubspot is a leader in digital media marketing and in their recent post they identify the top 7 reason non profits use social media:

1. Sharing News

2. Brand Recognition

3. Mission

4. Fundraising

5. Volunteers

6. Donor Recognition

7. Recruitment

Once the organization has aimed in on the purpose, then it's time to strategize a plan for a successful campaign. It is always challenging to find the right mix of content to share through out the week.


This can be accomplished by organizing your content to share and if you have photos and video this can be easily done. Set a schedule on a calendar and time either in the morning or mid afternoon. Finding your audience will be a test and developing a consistent timeframe after nailing down the test is imperative. There are plenty of social media strategist that can direct you in this area, but start where your at until you find the most appropriate time to share your content.

Know your audience and spend time engaging by liking, reposting and leaving comments. Be friendly! Social Media is not only a tool for the mission or purpose to be shared, but you can develop relationships. Always remember social media is about being social so get out and share.

Please do not spread yourself thin by trying to be everywhere at the same time. It is virtually impossible without being authentic. Non-Profit is all about authenticity, so never compromise yourself in order to advance. Choose 2 or 3 social media platforms and maintain the same branding or post. I suggest using Facebook and Instagram, because they are owned by one owner and they integrate very nicely together.

I hope you have enjoyed our blog and we hope to share with you again in the near future.

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